4 Natural Ingredients Are Guaranteed To Give You Glowing Skin

natural skin care your skin will love!

Coconuts are your best friend

I am cuckoo for coconuts. I love to drink coconut water, I cook with coconut oil, I even lather it on myself and my one year old son. Here’s why… it is one of the most famous natural skin care worldwide. Coconuts are a disease-fighting antioxidant and it is your skin's favorite moisturizer. The fatty acids found in coconut oil possess antimicrobial properties that protects your skin from acne and harmful bacteria.

Apple Cider is your guider

This stuff is better than your mother's beauty regime, unless she uses this stuff. I don’t even know where to begin to tell you how amazing Apple Cider Vinegar is. I personally use this in my bath water and it leaves my skin soft, glowy, and clean. This gift from heaven has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to exfoliate the skin, unplug blocked pores, and ladies, it helps your pH levels in your vagina also in your skin! Thank me later.

Black soap is here to give you hope

I had a good friend who was from West Africa and her skin was naturally perfect. She never wore makeup and she hardly had to put on lotion. I asked her what her secret was and she told me Black Soap. I had never heard or seen anything like it. In most cases you can’t buy Black Soap at your local beauty store. She did me a favor one day and took me to the flea market and there was a African shop that sold it there. I have been hooked every since. It really is natural as you can read the ingredients label. I use this on every inch of my body. People claim that it is the “holy grail” for your beauty regime. The claims are true. Here is why, it is your solution to hyperpigmentation skin, stretch marks, breakouts and it is moisturizing. I want to mention as well that just because it says “black” soap, it doesn't mean it is only for black people. Anyone can use it. Another thing, if the black soap doesn’t look like the picture above then it is not the natural one. You can find this soap at a African shop or online.

Suga Suga how you get so fly

Believe it or not, you can bathe with sugar! I use this on my skin when I need a deep exfoliation. This stuff works wonders. Brown sugar is the best choice to use for making a body scrub and it is also known to be the gentles especially if you have sensitive skin. This can help with breaking down layers of dead skin and it smoothes the skin’s surface. It rehydrates and keeps the skin conditioned and moisturized.



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