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Chapter 1


Seattle, Washington

SPD Department

“911, what is your emergency?

Heavy breathing dense through the phone line. Carol, a 42-year-old dispatcher could almost smell the fear of the victim before they could speak. She sensed something was terribly wrong.

“911, what is your emergency?

Carol asked again, shifting in her work chair, she was completely tuned in. Nothing around her mattered. Heavy breathing once more, but it was louder this time.

“I can’t explain what I am seeing but my family and I are afraid.”

Relieved, but cautious. A Father’s voice trembled in a whisper.

“Sir tell me your location,” Carol spoke calmly, reassuring him that she was there to help.

“1583 Jordan Street.”

The Father spoke so low Carol could hardly hear him.

“Tell me what’s going on so I can send you help.”

There was a sudden pause.

“There’s these…. these creatures outside my son’s window. We don’t know what they are, but they aren’t human. They… they won’t go away.”

Carol was shook. Dammit, not another one. This was the eighth call this week. Her hands felt like a sauna. Sweat formed between her palms.

“Where is the rest of your family?

Carol was able to connect with a nearby officer.

“We’re all staring back at them. It’s my son Kenneth, my daughter Ariel and my wife.”

The Father’s voice grew in fear each time he separated his lips.

“Do me a favor and move you and your family away from the window. Help is on the way,” Carol directed. Terrified herself.

“Are you fucking crazy? I am not moving anywhere. What if they go somewhere…like…like find a way inside?

Without being offended Carol continued being calm.

“What do these beings look like?

I could hear whispering in the back. It sounded like his wife, but I couldn’t make out what was said.

“Short…skinny and their skin looks smooth.”

Without thinking Carol said, “Are they grey?

“Yes, yes…how did you know?

Ecstatic in his voice… dammit.

“They are harmless. Trust me. Only a bunch of kids playing around in customs,” Carol lied. She knew this was the eighth call this week.

“…I doubt they are kids…my son told me these are not the only creatures he seen. You have no clue…we aren’t crazy — — wait…the cops are here.”

Carol could hear the sirens through the static of his phone.

“They vanished! Where did they go papa?! I could hear the little girls voice scream in terror.

Not knowing what the hell was going to happen next…. Carol made room for herself to talk.

“The officers are there to help. Please listen to everything they have to say.

After she had waited a few seconds for a reply, but didn’t get one, she hung-up.

Johnny, a coworker she worked with who sat next to her faced her.

“This is getting out of hand,” he said. His blue eyes wide, staring at her.

Carol’s heart was still beating fast.

“Hell, yeah it is, it’s the eighth call this week! Carol huffed in frustration. She then glanced at the clock hanging over her work monitors. It was now 4:37 am. Carol was tired. Mentally tired. Her shift had begun at 7pm last night and it was time for her to go home. It was the beginning of December in Seattle Washington and this was the time where crimes were abnormally higher. Shockingly enough, this was the first year she had experienced paranormal phone calls. Twenty years in her career, this had to be the most interesting situation she’s encountered.

“I have to get home. What time is your shift over?” Caroled asked Johnny.

Johnny pulled his headset to the side, enjoying the free time he had before the next frantic caller called in.

“Girl I don’t leave for another hour. I am trying to get this overtime so me and my husband can go skydiving in Florida. You know it never snows there and from what I saw on Facebook, people are still tanning on the beach. How unfair is that, huh? Johnny chuckled, placing his headset back over his ears.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then. You be safe out there,” Carol said. She grabbed her thin black sweater from the back of her chair and headed for the break room where she kept her belongings in her locker. It was quiet as usually around this time in the morning. Carol coated herself up nicely, pulled on her blue gloves and wrapped a matching scarf around her neck.

She made her way out the entrance door, waving goodnight to Mike, the handsome Caribbean security guard; as he buzzed her out. Once outside in the night air, her nose instantly froze, her muscles clenched from the winter wind. She cuddled her shoulders to her jawline, crossing her arms tightly as she sped walked to her black toyota car.

The next night, she had come into work, a mandatory meeting had been randomly called. Anytime a meeting like that was discussed without warning, it was going to be bad. Carol’s gut told her it was related to the strange phone calls they had been receiving. Better yet she knew that it had to be, but she wasn’t sure how the Supervisor was going to approach the problem. Everyone was in the small conference room. Even some outfield officers were there as well, which was typically odd. In fact, it was very odd and unusual. Coffee could be smelled in the room. Workers sat around the sandalwood oval table, quiet. Carol picked a seat next to Johnny, the only person she was most comfortable around. He was not a serious person and could make a joke out of anything. It kept Carol lighthearted.

Moments later, Julie Thompson; the head Supervisor walked in. She carried a poker face, as always. Her personality was neutral. Tall and skinny with a tight snipped bob molded to the sides of her aged chin.

“I know you all are wondering why I called you to this meeting this evening. Most of you, I am sure you already have a clue why,” she made her way around the room, reading everyone with her eyes.

“Let’s not waste valuable time here. All over Seattle there has been strange events taking place during late night hours that has citizens afraid for their lives and for their families. Just this week along we have had over 280 phone call cases of these unexplained events. Within those 280 cases, 109 abductions have been related to these calls. Young children around the ages of five years or younger and adults twenty-one or older have gone missing. The oldest that we know of as of now is a sixty-four-year-old women who went missing four days ago. Her son claiming, he saw unidentified beings taking her away through her bedroom ceiling. Before you get your britches caught up in your bum, just know this is not only a matter of “aliens” but beings of all kinds. I brought in Officer Jefferson and his partner Officer Cory to better help you understand the importance of this.” She stepped aside while assisting her hand out to draw attention to them.

Officer Jefferson was a chubby middle-aged man with a double chin and black curly hair that seemed greasy under the bright light in the room. He cleared his throat before he spoke.

“My partner and I really don’t know how to discuss this with all of you. First of all, we do want to say thank you for your hard work and patience. We are sure, with no doubt that this is a hard situation to handle. Especially when it is related to a call that you have no knowledge of. Last week, Officer Cory and I encounter, with our own eyes, a being,” he paused while looking at Officer Cory. You could tell that what he was about to say was going to be horrifying because his partner had swollen eyes and a red blushed face. “This was a being that had ripped the arms off a child no older than ten years old. This being looked like nothing we have ever seen before. Not even in a movie. Something straight out of hell. It resembled a werewolf but instead of standing on all fours, it stood on its hind legs and had arms like a T-rex. This…this thing had on going rolls of long blade teeth, something like a shark.”

There were gasping sounds all over the conference room. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. This was unreal.

“What the hell is going on? Where are these creatures coming from? This woman named Destiny who also worked night shift with us asked; tears in her eyes.

“Ma’am if we knew we would tell you. The entire police station is in shocked and at the moment we are discussing how to handle what is going on,” Officer Cory said.

“The idea of this meeting is to warn you all to keep this completely confidential. I do not want to see you talk about the calls, not even among your coworkers. Nor, do I want to see any social media post about what you have been hearing. When you got hired here that was our number one rule and if that rule is broken then you will be fired. All rules from which you agreed to upon working here is still in play,” Supervisor Julie said, speaking with a strict tone. “I also want to add that so far all of you have been doing a great deal of work by handling these phone calls. I know that most of you, same as myself, had no idea that these beings existed but somewhere in the mist of us we were meant to keep people calm in the most dangerous situations. Continue to take every call serious. Who knows when there could be another attack on a child or another abduction. You and your families could be targets as well. In the meantime, keep your mouth shut. If you need some time to figure things out, you know we have a therapist on site you can talk to,” she pointed at Mrs. Rivers. “Any comments or questions?

The room was full of silent thoughts, but everyone could still read what each other was thinking. No one spoke up. What was there to say? The only hope was for our President to make a public announcement. Seattle needed answers and we needed them quickly.

“Alright, with that being said, get your head together and go save lives,” she said before turning and walking out.

Johnny looked back at Carol and said, “You know it could be worse.”

“How could it be worse? Carol asked.

“It could be the whole world…but it’s just us. I blame the Canadians. I am sure these creatures are coming from their land.

Carol had laughed but deep down she knew that this wasn’t over. No, not even for a minute. The world was in for a huge slap in the face filled with surprises.

8:56 am

Washington, DC

FBI Headquarters

Special FBI Agent, Guy Hardee, received information about the ongoing investigation in Seattle’s mysterious sightings around the city. There were more reports coming in than there was in the 1940’s, concerning the logic of UFO’s and strange creatures. The NICAP was now involved and Guy knew it was something serious.

“Has the CIA commented on this yet? Guy asked his fellow employee; losing his tie before entering into the cyber department room.

“No sir. You know how they are; they try to beat us at everything concerning anything as important as this.”

The day hasn’t even started yet and Guy was already bombarded with reports from citizens who have claimed their children, friends, and loved ones have been taking by these strange beings. In the cyber department, agents reported that social media accounts have been posting videos showing these beings. Revealing vital evidence of what was taking place. This was not good. It would cause an uproar and fear around the world.

“I need those videos blocked now from every account posting them,” Guy commanded. “We do not need people to fear.” That of course was not easy to say. Guy knew the public would fear something that was not common. It was the FBI's lead role in protecting the homeland of America. Initially, it was not clear on how UFO attacks should be handled. The only action that could be taking place right now would be to interview the people who was experiencing these events.

“Elaine Porter, mother of Grouper Porter; her ten-year-old son whose arms were ripped off by a werewolf creature; she’s first on the list to be interviewed. At the moment, Elaine is staying at her brother’s house on 83rd street and Main. She has reported to us that she feels unsafe at home and doesn’t plan on going back unless someone is with her,” Agent Weller read Elaine’s file to Guy.

“Let’s hit the road then. No time to waste,” Guy said.

It was a cold Friday morning. The streets were busy with civilians who were shopping for the holiday. Unfortunately for Guy, he wasn’t in the holiday spirit. He looked around at all the smiling faces. Children hopping alongside their parents innocently; not having a clue in the world what dangers threaten them in secret. The special agents got inside a black SUV and made their way to Elaine’s brothers house.

A red brick house sat on a horizontal hill with lushes green bushes surrounded it. A window was open, and you could see a brown dining room table with papers laying on it. The two agents walked onto the driveway to the black door. Guy knocked. As if she was waiting anxiously, Elaine answered the door. She wore a long spaghetti scraped tie dyed dress that covered her feet. Her face was pale. Her eyes were sucked in, with dark sleepless circles around them.

“Please come in,” she said, stepping aside for them to enter. It was warm inside. The fireplace could be heard, crackling wood popped. “George, the agents are here,” she softly said to her brother who was nowhere in sight. “Please have a seat. Would you all like some hot tea?

Guy resisted.

“No, I am fine. Thank you for the offer,” Weller declined as well.

Moments later, George was seen walking in with a blue robe and white slippers. He held a hot teacup, the teabag still hanging from the side. He sat next to his sister who had made herself comfortable on the tan love sofa across from the agents. His hair was wild and wet as if he had just taken a nice shower.

“I am Agent Guy Hardee, and this is Agent Weller. We will be investigating the murderous event that took place in the backyard of your home on 1549 Maxwell Street.” Guy pulled out a tape recorder and sat it on the living room table.

“Please start with your name and age first then summarize the event you will be sharing with us today. We will then ask you follow up questions,” Weller said, looking at her troubled face.

She slowly reached for her brothers’ free hand, gripping him like a stress ball.

“My name is Elaine Porter. I am 37 years old. My son was brutally murdered by an unknown creature.” She spoke quickly.

“What was the date of this event,” Guy asked.

“It was a Sunday evening. December 2nd to be exact.

“What time was it?

“three-thirty-two am.”

Her voice began to tremble. Her brother consoled her.

“Please tell us the details leading up to your son’s death,” Guy asked.

Elaine wiped away a few tears and mentally prepared herself to talk.

“A few weeks ago, my son had woken me up telling me that there were noises outside his window. It had to be at least three or four in the morning. I had asked him to tell me what kind of noises he was hearing. He told me it sounded like a grumbling wolf howl. I didn’t understand what he meant by grumbling. I told him that it was probably just coyotes since we stayed behind a land of woods. I sent him back to bed. Every day since that night, for about a week he kept telling me about that noise he was hearing, around the same time. My boy was very smart now and he was a daredevil too. He was never easily scared so I knew that whatever he was hearing was out of the norm. He started to sleep with me and that worried me to death because like I said before, he’s a daredevil. He aint scared of a damn thing; never was until then. I decided to call my brother George over to check out the backyard for any footprints, but none was found. My son told George that the grumbling sounds did not sound like any animals from earth. Grouper knew a lot about animals because his Grandpa; God rest his soul; he taught Grouper everything he needed to know about wildlife because he took him hunting every summer. Another week went by and Grouper still didn’t want to sleep in his room. I had told him enough was enough and he had to face his fears and shut up about it. It wasn’t like the damn thing was going to bomb rush the house and kill us. I walked him to his room, tucked him in, and the moment I turned my back…. I heard it. Oooh my good Lord, when I tell you it was the most horrifying sound I have ever heard, I almost shit myself. My son jumped from the bed and grabbed my arm… he said: Momma, I told you that thing aint from this earth. Not with a sound like that. It seems like he had had enough. He rushed past me and ran down the house hallway. I heard the closet door open and instantly knew he grabbed the shotgun. I yelled after him, but the boy was fast. He took off to the back door. I ran behind him. I saw him open the door and step on the backyard porch. I was scared and didn’t want to yank the gun from him, neither did I want to tell him to stop because I was afraid the creature would attack us. I stayed close behind him as he pointed the shotgun, aiming it slowly side to side. At first, we didn’t hear anything for at least a minute. But then, we heard it… and it was close enough that we could smell it. A disgusting smell, so horrible it smelt like peeling flesh. It was too dark to tell where this thing was standing. I whispered to my son for us to go back inside. We were just standing in the open of the yard. Frozen in fear. We slowly started to turn around after we didn’t hear it again but in the corner of my eye…. I seen it. I didn’t want to turn my head to look but once I did…. My son did too. We both screamed louder than our lungs capacity. Shouts were fired but this creature was not from earth. It stood about 7 feet tall, black midnight fur that was matted. White beaded eyes and a mouth full of long sharp teeth like a shark. Except his teeth were about 4 inches long. The arms were short like a T-rex and he smelled like death. I tried grabbing my son, but he shot fire again but this time it hit the creature. Only the creature didn’t seem to feel it… I wasn’t sure. A loud grumbling growl escaped his mouth and he ran towards us full force. I pulled for me son again, pulling him to the door but he aint budge. He stood there and let off another shot but by then I couldn’t stay there… I yanked my son up from his feet, but it was too late. The creature somehow grabbed my sons’ arm, the one he had the gun in, and ripped it off. His blood splattered in my face and I let his body drop. I ran to escape for the back door and I only turned around once to see if the thing was chasing me, but it wasn’t. The creature was ripping my sons’ other arm off, tearing his body apart. I wanted to run back, but I couldn’t. I should’ve died with him, but my body wouldn’t let me run back. I ran inside, grabbed the phone and dialed 911. I watched through the window as this creature ate my son. I had a neighbor knock on my door at that very moment, but I couldn’t turn my head. My baby boy! My baby boy……”

Elaine began sobbing intensely, grabbing at her dress in distress. George places his arms around her. The agents gave her a moment to grieve. After she had calmed down a bit the agents preceded forward.

“What did the neighbors do when they got there during the time you were watching your son? Guy asked.

“Well, I didn’t answer. I was waiting for the creature to leave my sons’ body alone. When I saw that the creature was done, I swung open the back door again and made my way to him. I couldn’t recognize any part of him. His body was shredded to pieces. My neighbor had to have jumped the gate to get to me, he too had a rifle in his hand. He asked me what the hell was that growling noise and the screams. Once he finally looked down at what I was looking at, he ran off to get more of the neighbors, also telling most of them to lock their doors. They wanted to go hunting for this thing but once they saw the body of my son, they started calling the FBI and police.”

The agents felt sorry for her. A mother should never lose her child first.

“I want to be completely honest with you Ms. Porter; the news will debunk your sons’ death for the safety of the public. We are aware that this is traumatizing for you but if people knew about this it will start a panic,” Guy said, shutting off the tape recorder.

“What the hell do you mean? Are you telling me you all are going to allow lies to be put into the minds of people? Everyone deserves to know the truth. My son’s life deserves more than the truth. My neighbors know what the hell is going on! They have seen the insides of my son’s body shredded on my grass,” she explained angrily.

“We understand that as well. Truthfully, we believe you but as for your neighbors, they have not seen this creature like you have. All we ask is you don’t speak another word about this to anyone,” Weller included.

“The hell I won’t! That is my son! That is his story!

The agents hated this part of interviewing. It all ended the same. People felt so entitled to their lives and their loved one that they don’t think about others.

“We will go take blood samples from your yard to find out what this creature was. In the meantime, keep your mouth shut. There is no need to tell people that this being wasn’t from earth; for one they won’t be as understanding as us; for two…. we don’t know that as facts until we can take samples to the lab,” Guy said.

Elaine stared at us, tears filling her eyes.

“Just give me justice for my boy. Find out what that damn thing was before other children are killed,” she said.

The agents stood up.

“We will do the best we can. Here’s my card. Call me directly if you have any more concerns. Take care of yourself and remember what we said.”

The two agents left after that. Their minds baffled. A ten-year-old kid eaten alive was something new that they have never faced. Not only that, but more cases were arising; too many to keep count. It was like Washington was at war with the supernatural. It was going to get worse. Where were these beings coming from? Why was this happening? How were they going to protect the people? It was time to get the Pentagon on this. Quickly.



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