It’s 2020. Why Haven’t You Gone Natural Yet?


1: Natural hair isn’t for me

Now, I do not agree with natural hair NOT being for you. How is it, the hair that grows naturally from your scalp, not for you? If God placed it on your head than no mistake was made. Perhaps they meant that it probably wouldn’t look appealing to them. Either way, I believe that statement is a self-esteem issue. Honey, you can look good with everything that you do if you have the confidence for it.

2: Being natural is hard

This excuse actually has some truth to it. Being natural is hard but anything worth having won’t be easy. The great news is that it becomes easy with time. When I first went natural, I had to cut off all of my hair. It was long but I made that decision because it was damaged. I would rather have long healthy hair than damaged long hair. Besides, I wanted curls!

3: Jobs won’t hire me if my hair is in an Afro

This is where you have to thank God for the law. Yes, the law. Let me tell you why: It’s a discrimination law that you can file if a job won’t hire you because of your natural hair or if they fire you because of it. Many states have this law now where it is against human rights to criticize a man or women for their hair appearance. Now, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

4: I won’t be able to style it

As I stated before, natural hair is the definition of versatility. There are many styles you can do. This excuse has been a misconception that you can’t style natural hair but you can! If you want it straight get a blow-out, roller set, or flat iron it (use heat protection though). If you want a different curl pattern than try a Flexi rod set, Bantu knots, or Twist-outs. Check out natural hair videos on YouTube. Here is a channel that I personally love to watch, her channel name is Janae Mason.

5: What if my hair isn’t curly like hers?

Listen, your hair is your hair, and no one else's. I keep bringing up confidence for a reason. You have to be a strong woman to go against the odds and embrace what was once a threat to society. Your hair is your power! Your crown and glory! Don’t compare yourself to anyone because you’ll be wasting your time and killing yourself mentally. No one can rock your hair the way you can.

6: What if people judge me?

People are going to judge you rather you’re doing right or wrong. But wouldn’t you rather be judged for doing something fearless? I get a lot of attention for the way I rock my hair. Some people love it and some people won’t even give me the time of day. Most of the time, most hate comes from white women. I get a lot of compliments from white men and black women who look at me and suddenly they feel inspired. I do it for me because it makes me feel amazing and the outcome of it is amazing as well. You should try it!



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Amber Brown

Amber Brown

For starters, writing is the golden ratio. For the ending, I write about all my secrets, feelings, and poetry.