Reckless Love Of God

Amber Brown
2 min readNov 27, 2020

Father, you have been so kind to me. Patient, loving, caring, faithful, and most importantly… forgiven. Some people don’t believe in you but I do. I don’t need a face to prove it, I don’t need a pastor, my family, no one to prove to me that you are real. My heart, my soul, the core of my body knows you are real.

I am sorry that I have not given myself away to you like I should.

Your reckless love… is more than I can bare.

In my mind, my spirit tells me there is a season for everything. In this season you have stood at the door of my being, begging me to come back home to you. I have stood at that same door, listening and choosing to feed my flesh. The table you have brought to me, I have brought meals of death with my sins. My desires are only temporary pleasures, but your love, your reckless love is endless paradise.

On this day, I say to you thank you. Thank you for my husband, for my son, for the endless joy in my spirit. Thank you.

On this day I sing praises to your name. There’s no wall you won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down, there’s no shadow you won’t light up coming after me!

Your love is like no other. No one can compare.



Amber Brown

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