Why TRESemme Products should be CANCELED!

The Tresemme and Clicks AD that caused a uproar

Let’s review what happened, shall we?

The history of Hair Racism in South Africa

Hair Pencil Test
Hair Pencil Test


Here’s the problem, this is what happens when a company or a group of people have been racist for so long that they can’t differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong or they feel as if they can get away with something like this. This is also why I will not accept an apology in this form. In what part of their shallow minds was this ok? It almost seems like it was planned for some type of promotional attention. For Click to be a African Beauty retailer…. it’s mind boggling for them to accept an ad that actively discredits the beauty of natural hair. Honestly, what did they expect when they released this advert to the public? Did they think Black people were going to say, “Oo yeah, Tresemme is totally right. Having African hair sucks! I need to dye my hair blonde and burn the crap out of it to make it straight.”

Come over here and let me drop some BLACK knowledge about our hair

Why cancel Tresemme?

Companies like Tresemme should realize the enormous voice and influence that they have. Therefore, they should be pouring out RESPECT and POSITIVITY to everyone who is different. When a company has a platform like that, it should be a no brainer that they can either make people feel beautiful or make people feel like Shrek's wife Fiona. Of course people are still going to support them but that just shows you how misguided someones standards are. What do I mean by that is, if I have a friend who is racist and I still hangout with them, how does that make me look? I don’t care how much value I received from that relationship, I have standards that will not be crossed.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash



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